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Cleveland - Akron - N.E.Ohio:   Sales Lots & Dealers.

Cleveland Sales Lot: 12800 Brookpark Rd. Brookpark, Ohio
PH: (216) 676-5151

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Euclid Sales Lot: 24800 Lakeland Blvd. Euclid, Ohio
PH: (216) 731-0010

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Lorain Sales Lot:5421 Oberlin Ave. Lorain, Ohio
PH: (440) 282-7400

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Medina Sales Lot: 986 Medina Rd. (rt18) Medina, Ohio.
PH: (330) 239-4847

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Auxiliary Sales Location - 1114 US Highway 224 Nova, OH 44859 Ph:(419) 652-2294
Dalton Sales Lot:144 Fahrney St.(Entrance on US Rt. 30) Dalton, Ohio
PH: (330) 828-8341

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Warren Sales Lot: 4118 Parkman Rd. NW Warren, OH
PH: (330) 898-7440

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Our Standard Features

Wall Framing:  2x4's 16"o.c. with 2x8 top plates. Double top plates on 12' wide buildings and larger.

Siding:   5/8" Premium grade T1-11 ALL WOOD siding -OR- Vinyl siding.

Doors: Large 5' wide (60") double swing door. Secured with 200+ galvanized screws. Massive 2x6 & 2x8 door framing.Two 6' long heavy gauge aluminum piano hinges fastened with 50 screws each. Patented leading edge door system that sheds water to help prevent rot and decay.

Roof:   2x4's 16' o.c. Screwed plywood gussets. 1/2" plywood decking. 25 year premium grade fiberglass shingles.

Floor:   2x4 joist 12" o.c. 3/4" plywood decking. 4x4 treated skids: (2 on 8' wide's) (3 on 10' wide's) (4 on 12' wide's) - other foundations available.

Shingles:   25 year premium grade fiberglass shingles. Warranty: 2 - 5 years on workmanship and materials. ( Kits - 30 day materials only)

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